Portfolio Entry

Murdoch University’s Media Portfolio Award entry pathway is for creative students who wish to enrol in an Arts course based on their motivation and potential for creative aptitude. You will be assessed by the Academic Chair for your desired course based on your creative portfolio. Your ATAR results will not be used to determine your formal admission to Murdoch.

A student can apply for portfolio entry mid-year during year 12 – even before TISC applications are open - all the way up to the week before University starts in February. Students can find out soon after application if they have been provisionally accepted to the course, taking some of the pressure off the final exam process. This provisional acceptance is then subject to the successful completion of the further application criteria below, before a formal offer is made.

To ensure the success of your portfolio entry, you need to satisfy the following application criteria:

  • Completion of the WA Certificate of Education (WACE), or its equivalent.
  • You will need to be studying, or have achieved a scaled mark of 50 or more, in ATAR English, Literature, or English as an Additional Language or Dialect, or equivalent English competency.
  • Selection of the course you wish to apply for using your portfolio entry as your first preference through TISC.

To apply:

  • Obtain a letter of endorsement from a teacher at your school or institution (to be submitted with your portfolio).
  • Write a personal statement - maximum of 500 words outlining your commitment to the study area you have chosen.
  • Collect any other supporting documentation. To enhance your applications chance of success you may wish to include references (perhaps from a school teacher) or other certificates of achievement.
  • Then, apply to your specific course online through TISC, with your chosen course as your 1st preference.
  • Check the details about portfolio requirements set out for the specific courses by following the link below and put together your best work.
  • Submit your portfolio and relevant supporting documents by following the link below.
  • Alternatively, you can copy your portfolio digitally onto a DVD, CD, or USB stick, download and complete the Media Portfolio Cover Sheet, include your teacher's letter of endorsement and any other supporting documents, and post it all to: Domestic Admissions, 90 South Street, Murdoch 6150.

Contact the Academic Chair of your chosen course if you have any queries or problems regarding application or submission (follow the links below).

Following the TISC process, all successful applicants will receive a formal offer of a place at Murdoch University during first round offers with TISC in mid-January.

Non school leavers: Please contact the Domestic Admissions Team on 9360 7458 or send an email by following this link for more details about your portfolio application.

Click on the course title below to see portfolio requirements and contact details or to make a portfolio submission for that course:

English and Creative Writing

English and Creative Writing gives you the opportunity to immerse yourself in the world of literature, and to become a critical and imaginative reader and writer. Click here to find out more about this course

Games Art and Design

Discover how to create a visual experience that will make the game user feel stunned, horrified or soothed. Build your artistic skills, learn the principles of visual design and create interactive experiences with millions of interwoven parts. Click here to find out more about this course

Graphic Design

Learn how to visually communicate creative and exciting ideas, use industry specific software, work with clients and develop a job-ready print and digital media portfolio you can take to the world. In your application we don't expect awesome designs but we do expect some good design basics - we'll help you do the rest. Click here to find out more about this course


Are you interested in the world and passionate about communication? In this course, you'll get hands-on experience in our advanced newsrooms and studios as you learn practical skills and get an understanding of new media technologies, audiences and public opinion. Click here to find out more about this course


The Bachelor of Arts Photography will provide students with a comprehensive set of practical photographic and digital imaging skills in combination with theoretical knowledge to enable them as photographers to develop their vision and progress their career in image making. Click here to find out more about this course

Public Relations

Gain skills in critical and analytical thinking, public speaking, team work, conflict management and communication strategy. Learn about the ethical and professional issues facing the public relations profession. Click here to find out more about this course


This new major is perfect if you have an interest in listening to, producing or presenting radio programs and are passionate about creative and dynamic radio. It covers live broadcasting including presenting and producing, radio features and documentaries, interviewing, broadcast journalism, popular music, sound production, and other aspects of the wider radio culture and industry. Click here to find out more about this course

Screen Production

BE A FILM-MAKER! We teach our students to become Directors, Writers, Producers, Editors, Sound Recordists and Designers, and Cinematographers. You can learn to make Music Videos, Documentaries, Dramas, Webisodes, and more. We don't expect portfolio entries to show that you're a great film-maker already - just that you have the passion and motivation to put the effort in to succeed with our help. Click here to find out more about this course


This exciting new major is perfect if you have an interest in music and sound. It covers live producing, recording, sound for films and games, and other creative and industrial applications of sound. Click here to find out more about this course

Theatre and Drama Studies

Theatre and Drama Studies enables you to develop practice-based knowledge and conceptual skills to pursue your passion for performance: whether in acting, design, production or critical analysis. Click here to find out more about this course

Web Communication

In this course, you'll explore an exciting mix of web creation and design, screen production, public relations, marketing and advertising. Web communication is constantly evolving, so you'll be at the cutting edge of new developments and technology as you learn to create websites and the strategies that will give them an impact online. Click here to find out more about this course